Hoskin Business Educational Workshops and Events

Hoskin-WorkshopsThe Educational Workshops have been set up to work alongside associated businesses, as partners; to give FREE industry information to the room, in time the development will be able to be used as part of ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training as required by some businesses and personnel.

The Workshops offer a great opportunity for like-minded people in local businesses to get together to learn and discuss best business and work practices.

‘A good platform to showcase knowledge & expertise’

Said Nadine Dudman, Telecoms Support Team Limited

The key to a powerful partnership is to create added value for our clients and customers through an opportunity to connect with like-minded business owners and listen to educational talks from industry experts in their field.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us or telephone Wayne Collier direct on 0781 1111786

Hoskin Financial Planning are Independent Financial Advisers, regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

For any further information or any queries on any of the Hoskin Financial Planning Regional Events, Educational Workshops, Business Lunches, Open Public Information Events , Workshop Clinics and Seminars, please feel free to contact us.

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